We are constantly being told what are expected of us. Having a job when you graduate, getting married before you are thirty, having a family and have a perfect credit score by forty. In life, this is walking with a purpose, knowing what to do next, knowing where you are going and having a goal in mind at all times. But life is messier than that, sometimes situations get out of control and throw you out of the purpose you set for yourself. Roaming, on the other hand, allows us to go about life as it is, it allows mistakes to happen and us to enjoy the moment, more importantly, go on life without always having a purpose.

This project entails a physical ball game as well as a digital p5js ball game to represent the serendipity of life, which resemebles the essence of roaming. I incorporated the inspiration of the project--walking into the final output as a video. 


                       BOSTON, MASS.